Aries men and Aquarius women compatibility

The first difference between a man of Aries sign and woman born of Aquarius sign presents the fact that when he falls in love, he expects his feelings to be returned immediately or at least in a short time. But woman of Aquarius sign must start every relationship with friendship. According to her, friendship is the base for all relationships. Sometimes they hesitate too long, whether the relationship between them and men are friendly or they have crossed this line already. And this is a big problem. Aquarius doesn´t buy sweet speeches or promises. It doesn´t work for them. But if this woman realizes that she´s in love, she tells it directly to him. Aries will be more than shocked, but receives this confession with happiness. It´s because he know that she wouldn´t tell it, if it wasn´t true. And thus, the mutual life may begin. Relationships of an Aries man with a Aquarius woman is not without problems, but they definitely don´t have such problems which couldn´t be solved or overcome. The partner match is disturbed the most in their sexual life. Both signs are under the influence of strong, dominant planets Mars and Uranus. Both of them want to be dominant and to determine the conditions, tempo, etc. Fortunately, Aries and Aquarius like to communicate and lead conversations. Their relationship is based especially on friendship and it helps them. This couple is able to lead discussions about everything. As to their intimate life, a man of Aries sign is more passionate and fiery lover then Aquarius woman. But she likes to discover new and exciting things. So, Aries can teach her a lot in this matter. But if they´ve been together for a longer time, she may start to get bored with him, because she discovered with him all possible things. If he´s not able to offer her something new, she will lose her interest for sex. And an Aries man always needs to prove: he´s a good lover. If he doesn´t get this appreciation, it may touch him deeply and even may become temporarily impotent. You must treat an Aries man carefully in bed. And he must also understand that sex is not on the first place for an Aquarius woman. The compatibility is also disturbed by her inability to keep step with the Aries´s energetic, active tempo. Women of Aquarius sign are dreamy and live with a slower tempo then an Aries. But if an Aries adapts to her, she will miss his spontaneity. He must realize that she loves him with all his positive and negative qualities and will stand by him when he´s up or down. Actually, his failures make her realize his vulnerability and she will love him even more. And this makes their relationship stronger.