Aries men and Scorpio women compatibility

The sexual attraction between an Aries man and a Scorpio woman is immediate and magnetic. And it may be permanently satisfying. Their physical relationship will never be usual or different. Sex in combination with love is the basic for Scorpio and also for Aries sign. The relationship between these two signs is first of all based on physical attraction, because mentally they´re different. Man of Aries sign is direct, she always knows what she means to him. Scorpio woman, on the other side, likes secrets, also to keep them, and doesn´t like to share them. And this is the basic difference by which the partner match is broken. Man of Aries sign acts openly, says what he thinks and doesn´t like unpleasant surprises. Woman of Scorpio sign is irritated by Aries´ s obstinacy and his need to order. She takes revenge without any warning. And this is the basic characteristic of a Scorpio: the need to take revenge. He doesn´t understand what leads her to such behaviour, because according to him he´s perfect without a single mistake from all directions. But compatibility of Aries and Scorpio in love is the same in that sense that both of them love and want to be loved fully. If she falls in love, loves without limits and this is what Aries man require from love. He wouldn´t be satisfied with half-love. If he wants wake up full respect and love in her, he must give her freedom and feeling of self-realization. Only in this way will she be happy and will do everything to make the relationship work. He sees her as a kind, little shy and sensitive woman. But after a few years of marriage, his view on her will do change. If a flippant Aries hurts or humiliates a Scorpio woman anytime, (even if not with intention), he may expect revenge in the most unexpected moment. And additionally, she will take revenge with smile on her face. If an Aries man could learn to control his acts and flippancy, so it is definitely next to a woman of Scorpio sign. But also she can learn about herself through being with an Aries man. If both of them will try to tolerate and subordinate themselves a little to each other, the relationship may be harmonic and long-lasting.