Sagittarius men and Gemini women compatibility

A Sagittarius man will surely get interested in the double face of a woman of Gemini sign. When they meet for the first time, she will seduce him with her charm and girlish naivety. He´ll be unbelievably attracted by it. Women of this sign are attracted by men who are intelligent, have their ideals and are able to defend their belief. Gemini woman couldn´t fall in love with a stupid man without character and experience. And a man of Sagittarius sign definitely has a character and experience. The relationships between Sagittarius and Gemini develop slowly. He´s getting know her part after part. And it´s because she lets him to look into her inside only rarely. Since a Gemini woman often changes her mood and she herself doesn´t know what she exactly at certain moments wants, man of Sagittarius sign will accuse her for hypocrisy. Sagittarius people are very sincere and are able to hurt with words also those people who they love. They are sincere and they require sincerity. Even if the truth isn´t pleasant, they appreciate it high. So, exactly for this sincerity and veracity is the compatibility between Sagittarius and Gemini disrupted. When these two people have an argument (which happens quite often and is intensive), it´s difficult for them to reconcile after it. Woman of Gemini sign likes dreaming, fantasizing during the whole day. Sagittarius, on the contrary, is an incurable realist and doesn´t really understand the fantasizing. And especially, he doesn´t want, because it has no sense for him. It helped for this relationship, if he would get on the level of her thinking more often. But, these two people get on fantastically well in sex. You won´t find two other signs who would be more compatible in this sphere than a Sagittarius with a Gemini. Both of them take sex as a game and they try to literally merge into one body. The pleasure which these two lovers live through together other´s cannot imagine. The field in which the partner match is missing between Sagittarius and Gemini is the communication. These two people are able to quarrel long time and aloud. Mostly it is her who loses her interest in the quarrel and leaves without letting the Sagittarius finish his sentence. So, it is the communication which they must make it better. It may last them years. Sagittarius and Gemini like reading and talking. These two things are which they have in common and connect them. But what separates them is their view on the world. She cosmitizes the world, while he sees it as it really is. He´s full of ideals and she´s full of plans. If these two people join together and try to make ideals from ideas and also to realize them together, then this relationship may be more than happy.