Sagittarius men and Leo women compatibility

The position of these two signs in the zodiac predetermines their mutual sympathy. The relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is mostly exceptional. These two people live through much fun together and they´ll never get bored with each other. The compatibility of Leo – Sagittarius couple may be disrupted immediately from the beginning. This can happen, if the Sagittarius man won´t respect his partner and take her as an equal partner. Man born of Sagittarius sign have the feeling that he must protect a Leo woman. But, this woman doesn´t like such behavior. She´s able to care about herself well. Leo and Sagittarius remain children deep in their hearts. They like to play various games. And this is what connects them the most. Woman of Leo sign falls in love with a Sagittarius man because of his sincerity and naivety. The childish naivety is a typical characteristic for Sagittarius people. They hate hypocrisy and expect the truth from everybody. It´s because they also say only the truth and nothing else but the truth. Sagittarius´s words often hurt others, but mostly he´s not aware of it. This man likes jokes and make fun of others around him. And a Leo woman is not that type who will tolerate this behavior. She thinks of herself as a queen and others should behave to her according to it. A Leo woman is playful, good-hearted, sensitive, wise and generous. These are the qualities because of which the Sagittarius man has crazily fallen in love with her. But he will ignore the other her quality: that she´s whimsical. The Leo woman shouldn´t expect a Sagittarius man that he will spoil her with expensive presents or admiring looks. This man has no problem with taking his love as an equal partner, but he will never subordinate his whole life to her. As she herself, Sagittarius also likes his individuality and independence. Man of Sagittarius sign is maybe fiery and cannot control his anger, but on the contrary to a Leo woman, he´s able to quickly forgive and even forget on the unpleasant things. Both signs have the element of Fire and it marks them quite well. Maybe the Leo more. It takes longer for her to calm down, forgive or forget. They have nothing be afraid of in their intimate life. Their sexual compatibility is excellent. The love-making between Sagittarius and Leo is playful, sensual, fresh, gentle and tender. If these two people are really in love, their sex will be fantastic without problems. There´s only one thing he must be careful with: what he says. A Sagittarius person is flippant and often says inappropriate things in an inappropriate time. This man is a clown and this woman is a beautiful Leo. They create an exceptional and exciting couple. You won´t find two other signs in the zodiac, who would fit more to each other than a Sagittarius with a Leo.