Sagittarius men and Libra women compatibility

In the question of marriage, a man of Sagittarius sign isn´t really the most suitable type for it. These men prefer freedom. On the contrary, women born under the sign of Libra understand marriage as something regular. If they´re in love and they feel that the man is the right one, they expect wedding after a while. There´s absolutely no partner match between Sagittarius and Libra in this matter. Sagittarius people must fully live it up, before they settle down. The relationships between Libra and Sagittarius have, in spite of this fact, big chance to be successful and even stimulating. The compatibility of these two signs is excellent if we look at their characters. Both of them are intelligent, literate and curious people. They´ll be connected by their interests in nature, art and philosophy. These two people are able to talk long hours about everything possible. Man born of Sagittarius sign must have a woman next to him, who will be also his friend. She should laugh and cry with him, join him in various crazy and unpredictable trips. But she must also let him enough freedom. Fortunately, woman of Libra sign feels it out and she will behave according to it. She won´t keep him at one place, on the contrary, she packs up and goes with him. Libra women are mostly beautiful and charming women with captivating smile who know how to get what they want. But it will be more difficult with a Sagittarius man than with other men. Man of this sign is perceptive and doesn´t let anybody to do with him what they want. Libra woman and Sagittarius man have big fantasy, dreams and plans. They will support each other to reach these aims. These dreams and aims will be mostly the same. Both of them are optimistic, like reading and talking. Sagittarius must have next to him a wise, generous, adventurous and spontaneous woman. Danger by which this couple is threatened is the fact that both of them may become interested in somebody else. Because both of them like company of other people, having fun and are basically romantic souls. When they´re together, they must be careful with jealousy and situations which may cause it. In astrology, the elements Airs and Fire get on very well with each other, which result is an excellent sexual compatibility between Sagittarius and Libra sign. There´s passion, tenderness and much mutual attention between them. Both of them have big fantasy, which they like to use in bed. People who are connected only with good sex don´t remain long in a relationship. Libra and Sagittarius are connected with many other things. They always have something to talk about. She sees a little boy in him who must always be taught. He has no problem with it, because he has million questions on which he needs answers. And a woman of Libra sign definitely has them.