Scorpio men and Leo women compatibility

The partner match between Leo and Scorpio is generally favorable. Of course, there´re exceptions, but this man and this woman mostly match with each other. Woman born of Leo sign is influenced by the element Fire and man of Scorpio sign with Water. And since the Water is the most powerful element of the Nature, the most conflicts which this couple may have, it is the Scorpio who will be able to stop it or make it calm down. The compatibility of Leo – Scorpio couple is favorable also in that fact that a Scorpio has more life experiences and is very wise and thus a Leo woman can learn from him a lot. This relationship is prosperous especially for her. The first problem which disrupts this relationship is the question of money. As we know it well, Leo likes spending money, often more than she can afford. Although a Scorpio isn´t mean, but surely won´t tolerate if she spends the whole salary one single day. A good solution for this problem would be the separated bank accounts. Fortunately, a Leo woman is a careerist and is able to earn enough money for herself. These women often earn more than their partners. Woman born of Leo sign won´t be satisfied with changing the child´s napkins and cooking three-course dinners for her husband. Sex between a Leo and a Scorpio will be manifold. In the beginning of the relationship she´ll be attracted by his romantic and mysterious character. After a while she may think of this kind of approach to be boring. A Leo woman needs changes, excitement, much attention and passion in bed. If they have some kind of problem, the Scorpio (maybe unconsciously) inclines to sexual abstinence. Leo, on the contrary, needs love-making and must get love and attention at all events. But if this couple will really try to make this relationship work, they can reach a beautiful symbiosis. It´s because they´re connected by passion and power. Both signs have much of these things. The danger that they may break each others hearts is threatening in that case if he leaves her alone at a party or if she decides to leave him alone during Christmas or other important holiday. Scorpio men are jealous and cannot stand if others just look at their partner. But Leo women love the attention and compliments and literally require admiration of the opposite sex. But it doesn´t mean that they do it with intention to cheat. A Leo woman must become aware of which qualities a Scorpio man offers her. Emotional stability and exceptional devotion. Scorpio also must become aware of the qualities of a Leo woman, which are the good-heartedness, generosity and joyful optimistic character. If these two people were born each other and they realize it, they can expect a beautiful future together.