Taurus men and Aries women compatibility

If an Aries woman gets into a romantic connection with a man of Taurus sign, it will be surely a lesson for her. In this relationship it is her who makes the first step. Literally in everything. The relationship of these two signs can work by a little try and adapting to each other. The compatibility between a Taurus man and an Aries woman is not the best, because she likes extravagancy and he, in contrary, likes quietness and calmness. Aries woman expects and requires unlimited freedom. Although a Taurus man isn´t jealous, but is acquisitive. And it may lead to problems. She is jealous. If they become aware of it in the beginning and accept these traits, there can be a partner match between them. Taurus is obstinate, there´s no doubt. Sometimes it can be a problem, because he could learn much from an Aries woman. He will want to read a book at home while she will want to go out with friends. But this man will be a great support for Aries woman, if she is tender and understanding towards him. If she will often or much push him into something he doesn´t want, the worse can come. Never try the Taurus´s character! He can be tender, understanding, carrying with inclination to be a protector. In a Taurus man – Aries woman relationship, she will come with ideas and lead and he will be the partner, who creates stability and surety. This attitude is characterised also for the sexual and financial aspect of this couple. Although the Taurus is a practical person in every field of the life, he can be romantic, sentimental and full of love towards his partner. He regularly surprises his love with kind presents. Aside from it, the relationship between these two signs can go through problems in their intimate life. For Aries woman, the sex is the expression of feelings, emotions, and a physical and mental connection of two people who love each other. She likes to fantasize about love making. For a Taurus man, it´s just a physical connection, which should fulfil two basic functions: the feeling of satisfaction and making children. For her, making love is maximally important in their life. He doesn´t make any extra efforts for intimate activities in bed. It leads to the state, when the Aries woman starts to get bored with this man and feels unsatisfied. We can surely state, that these two people will have some difference about the money in the beginning, too. She likes to spend money and a lot of it. He likes surety and always has enough saved money for worse times. She can learn the worth of money next to him, he can learn to be more loose and to get something extraordinary for himself time to time. The obstinacy of both signs will cause many conflicts and arguments as result, and maybe also on public. Taurus is a patient sign, but as we´ve mentioned in the beginning, it´s not possible to play with him eternally. So, it´s better for her to be aware of it before it´s too late.