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Taurus are influenced by the planet Pluto. It also influences their love matters. Taurus is a productive, practical person who draws all thing to the end - successful, in most cases. What day, week, month the stars prepared for Taurus? You can read it here.

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Typical sign of Taurus is his love to routine. People of this sign like the certainty, they are peaceful if they know what will follow, what will happen. Taurus does not like to make mistakes, but actually their spontaneity leads them to make mistakes. If they made it, it´s physically unpleasant for them. Taurus is a slow person in contrary to Aries in both thinking and acting. He needs time to think things over in order to prevent just a small mistake.


Taurus has the best compatibility with signs such as Virgo and Capricorn. They don´t get on well with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius signs. The savoury flavour of vanilla, almond and rose affect the people´s senses born under the sign of Taurus. They don´t like to be pushed to make quick decisions and they don´t like changes. You can read more about the sign of Taurus below.

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